Beginner Course:


Miami Dance Studio
222 N.E. 25th Street (Mid-Town)

Miami, FL 33137


THURSDAYS  7:30 - 8:30pm

6 weeks $80 dollars - Register NOW








Little Havana: NEW location!

D.A.F Studio 

1501 SW 8 St  Miami ( Little Havana)



By Majilyn

SATURDAYS  12:15 - 1:15pm

 15 by the class (drop ins welcomed) 

On Going Class:

Coral Gables Youth Center

405 University Drive

Coral Gables, FL 33134

MONDAYS 7:30 pm to 8:30pm


Walk ins welcomed! 

No need to be a member or reside in Coral Gables...


4 Pack

Member  $40.00,  Resident $50.00, Non-Member $60.00

8 Pack
Member $72.00, Resident $95.00, Non-Member $110.00

Pre registrations at:

305-460-5601 or just come in 15 minutes before the class to register

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This very comprehensive course is designed to systematically teach you all the fundamental and unique movements of Bellydance.  It will also introduce to you to the rhythms, the culture and the beauty of this dance. 
This course is ideal for students that have never been exposed to a bellydance class (or ANY other dance class!)...everyone will feel comfortable from the first class!
This course has been proven effective for over 21 years!  It was developed by Dance Master Teacher Tamalyn Dallal.  It has been the training ground for some of the top Belly Dancers of today. The instructors that teach this beginners course are highly skilled professional dancers and experienced teachers and have all been personally trained by Ms. Dallal. 


Posture and Coordination: 

One of the greatest benefits gained with this dance its a whole new posture! Students learn to carry their bodies using their abdominal muscles thus helping to release pressure on the lower back.  You will also gain coordination and control of your body from head to toe!

Drilling of Steps and Movements:

Drilling and repetition of new movements will allow your body to make memory of the steps learned making them natural movements to your body.  These drills also provide a great work out that will not only burn calories but will help to shape your own natural feminine figure!

Isolation of Movements: 

A distinctive and unique trait of Belly dance.  Students learn to beautifully isolate different body parts to create shimmies, slides, circles, undulations, figure eights, locks and pops.

Foot Work:

Students will learn fun and dynamic traveling steps that allow you to start dancing from the first lesson.  In addition to traveling steps we also cover several types of turns in order to create  combinations to dance and enjoy during class.

Rhythms, Musicality and Culture:

Students will be introduced to the various and most common rhythms of Middle Eastern music.  We will dance with these rhythms in order to understand their musicality and also their cultural aspect.

Props: Veils and Finger Cymbals Students will learn to dance with these essential bellydance elements right from the beginning of the course and will continue to use them in every class. 


OUTFIT: You will need comfortable workout pants, fitted top & a hip scarf or coin belt. (available for purchase)